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Online Extracurriculars for High School Students

Ratio 21’s online extracurriculars are collaborative, engaging, and outcome-driven. They are taught by top university graduates and experts in the field who bring practical experience to the digital classroom. With Ratio 21, you will not only acquire knowledge — you’ll also get the chance to do, make, build, and explore.


Why Ratio 21 courses?

  • Led by graduates and experts from top universites
  • Learn from hands-on, project-based doing
  • Flexible to fit your schedule
  • Collaborate with and learn from highly-driven peers
  • Impress colleges with a truly unique experience
  • Earn high school credits
  • Students will receive a transcript from Stanza International Academy.
  • Flexible start dates
  • For more information and to signup, visit

Summer Bootcamps

  • Pre-Med Bootcamp*
  • Start a Business Bootcamp
  • Careers in Engineering
  • Careers in Computer Science
  • Careers in Finance
  • Careers in Law
  • Real World Skills
  • *course is California A-G approved
"I joined this program for help with med school and medical careers and this program did not disappoint!"

- Pre-Med Bootcamp Student

“The Ratio-21 Pre-Med Bootcamp was an excellent introduction into the world of medicine. Listening to doctors talk about their life in this field helped me confirm my desire to pursue medicine in the future.”

- Pre-Med Bootcamp Student

Meet Our Partner: Ratio 21

Ratio 21 offers a unique mix of online and offline learning, combining the flexibility and convenience of technology with the social benefits and friendships of real-world learning. Choose individual courses or extracurriculars taught by experienced teachers and real-world makers, using our proprietary project-based, personalized learning methodology. We are committed to equity and diversity.

Our Programs are designed for 21st century relevance. We take existing, proven methods, and update them with the latest skills and knowledge, ensuring that children are prepared for this era of unprecedented change.

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