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Find Your Plan A

Stanza students are involved in 1-2 hours of intense teacher support per week, daily check-ins, plus virtual tutoring on demand. We find that this method encourages independent study, self-discipline and is far more effective than being one of 30 students sitting in a classroom all day. Each student has an academic coach specifically responsible for his/her educational program, success and future. All course instructors are certificated subject matter experts. Our mastery-based program allows students to enroll anytime and set their own pace in a robust learning environment with advanced placement, accelerated coursework and dual enrollment opportunities.

Global Games Program

Are you interested in improving your student’s analytical thinking? Dramatically improving his or her vocabulary and communication skills? Broadening his or her horizons via a thorough grounding in current affairs? Teaching your student how to debate the great issues of the day? Helping your student to become a citizen of the world?