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Spanish 4 Course

The main goals of this intermediate course are for students to be able to interact in everyday situations with some complications, talk about events and experiences over various time frames, share opinions and write essays on topics related to school, work, and community. Students will be exposed to movies, songs, and other authentic materials such as news articles, stories, and podcasts. The instructors will foster and support students’ growing ability to identify, discuss, compare, and give their opinions on practices, products, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking countries. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of subordinate clauses, the subjunctive mood, and the conditional tenses.

The central themes of the course are the environment, nature and society, nutrition and health, education and career, and art and global challenges. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to share opinions regarding the environment, explain intention and emotion, describe healthy routines, talk about past actions connected to the present, discuss about dreams and expectations for the future, express preferences, talk about hypothetical situations, and give opinions about current events and news.