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Chinese IV

Building on prior learning, Chinese 4 offers an advanced Mandarin program that sharpens students’ grammatical acuity, vocabulary, and overall communication proficiency. This course aligns with UC A-G standards, focusing on enhancing students’ comprehension and application of sophisticated Mandarin language constructs.

Students are immersed in a rich learning environment, participating in varied discussions, analyzing contemporary Chinese literature and media, and creating extensive Mandarin compositions. The goal is to prepare students for effective communication in Mandarin-speaking environments.

Beyond language, the course delves into Chinese societal and cultural studies, promoting understanding and appreciation of historical milestones, prominent personalities, current issues, and distinctive cultural practices.

Assessment is multi-faceted, encompassing written and oral tests, presentations, essays, projects, and consistent performance-based checks.

On completion of Chinese 4, students are expected to demonstrate conversational fluency, deep understanding of Chinese culture, and solid skills in comprehensive Mandarin reading and writing. This course lays a solid foundation for continued language learning in academic, professional, or personal contexts.