Arabic 6 Course - Stanza Academy

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Arabic 6 Course

The main goal of the course is for students to develop more advanced communicative skills in Arabic in order to function in an Arabic-speaking culture; to meaningfully use the language in various contexts for personal enjoyment, enrichment, and potential future travel; and to appreciate the role of Arab culture in a global context through conversing regularly with a native speaker.

The main grammar focus of the course will be knowing regular and irregular verbs and conjugations, and learning how verbs, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, and some sounds and letters vary in different dialects.

The central themes of the course are talking about similarities, differences and stating preferences; discussing customs of marriage in the Arab world; making suggestions; giving advice; expressing opinions; and speaking about daily routines, famous and historical figures, and geographical regions. The student learning outcomes of this level are to understand authentic speech with ease and communicate confidently on a variety of subjects using a wide range of vocabulary and complex grammatical structures; gain mastery of a dialect of their choice and begin using that dialect in essential topics about themselves, their family, friends, and their lives; analyze selections of texts; and write similar texts about themselves.