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American Sign Language 3 Course

The main goal of the course is for students to be able to expand their expressive and receptive skills by utilizing role-playing situations from everyday life, understand how the classifiers work by describing the concept of MAP and using spatial/locative signs, understand people’s opinions of others or personalities, make requests and ask for advice about different situations, discuss traveling experiences, and express classifiers based on the concepts of restaurants, stores, houses, hospitals, school, etc. The main grammar focus of the course will be understanding how the classifier system works, learning how to use proper classifiers of phrases or stories, and learning how to recognize spatial relationships and spatial verbs along with body shifting.

The central themes of the course are to discuss detailed living situations, favorite restaurants, foods, people’s personalities, and traveling. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to describe and talk about the layout (inside and outside) of their house, neighborhoods, professional levels, people, streets, buildings, types of cities; express feelings or opinions of other people; understand people’s opinions; offer advice; handle what-to-do-if; explain feelings; and talk about experiences traveling in other states and countries.