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Advance your computer science literacy

See the world in a whole new way with advanced courses in computer and data science. Ideal for students grades 8 – 12, these specialty courses include Intro to Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, Intro to Data Science, AP Computer Science A, and Data Science (Honors).

2Sigma School is for students who want to...

  • Discover new ways to solve problems
  • Learn from highly experience Computer Science majors
  • Engage in a community of driven learners
  • Stand out in college applications
  • Have fun!

Course Requirements:

  • Completion of pre-algebra or above, depending on course
  • Active engagement
  • Personal computer and reliable internet connection
“It was really exciting, and although STEM’s not my corner, I actually enjoyed it. I learned that data science can be used in any discipline, not just for STEM.”

- Data Science student

“This class gave me a lot of insight in how to use computer science in the real world, and not just for an AP class. It was extremely useful.”

- AP CSP student

“It was pretty interesting, and I learned a lot about how to make graphs with Python, which is something I never really did with it before.”

- Intro to CS student

Meet Our Partner: 2Sigma School

2Sigma School offers accredited high school courses in Computer and Data Science that are a notch above the rest. Our instructors are Computer Science majors with years of experience that enables them to bring deeper insights to our adaptive curriculum. Students learn in small cohorts, but have ample opportunity to engage in a larger community of Computer Science learners. Through peer engagement, our students learn as they help each other.

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