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Strength's Based Student-Led Learning Starts Here

Have you ever had one teacher describe a strength in your student, only to have another describe the same characteristic as a weakness? It's common, and it's frustrating.

Our Academic Strengths Assessment

Pinpoints student's passions

Lays foundation for personalized academic journeys

“The subjectivity that leads to conflicting opinions on your student’s competencies is why all Stanza International Academy students take the Thrively strengths assessment. This online test helps students find their true passions and enables us to fully personalize their academic experience.”

– Dr. Christine Kasitz, Head of School

Get Started

The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. Upon completion, each student receives a list of top strengths, a thorough personal profile, and a free consultation with a Stanza academic coach. Here’s how to get started:


Go to, choose “I’m a Student”, and fill out the requested information.


At “Join the Class,” enter invite code: WMJXNX7J. Click “Confirm”.


Once your information is accepted, your student can login to Thrively and take the assessment.


Upon completion, we will contact you to schedule a time to discuss the results and how they can best be applied to your student’s education.

Build a Strong Academic Plan