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Stanza Academy

Stanza International Academy offers students the opportunity to enroll as a full time student or part time. Part time students can take one or more classes, test prep courses, or tutoring sessions while enrolled with their primary school. See below for tuition for both options. 

Full Time Tuition

Stanza International Academy offers two enrollment tiers for students in grades 6-12. The tiers include curriculum, diagnostic testing, teacher support, partnership with an Academic Coach, and college counseling. Based on the student’s individual learning needs, parents can select a tier that will give their student a more customized educational experience with more educational support hours, including partnership with a tutor. The information below provides a comprehensive look at our programs. For questions, please call our Admissions team at (833) 782-6922 or click here to apply.

Tier 1
Stanza understands the needs of students who have to fit school into their busy schedules. Tier 1 offers everything a busy student needs to meet graduation requirements while honoring their individual passions, pursuits, and goals. Students can choose from 4 core courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies), French or Spanish, Physical Education and Health, and an elective at the college prep or honors levels. Teachers check in weekly and Academic Coaches check in monthly to ensure students are progressing academically. NCAA support is provided to college-bound student-athletes.

Tier 1 Tuition: $7,000
Registration Fee: $200

Tier 2 
Students who take advantage of Tier 2 pricing are typically academically motivated and are college-bound students. In addition to Tier 1 services, this option allows for two additional College Prep or Honors electives, 2 AP courses with enrollment in the AP Capstone Program, and 1 dual enrollment course. Teachers check in weekly and students can access 8 hours of tutoring per semester during their school year while checking in with their Academic Coach bimonthly. College counselors work closely to develop their college profile while supporting the application and admissions process.

Tier 2 Tuition: $10,000
Registration Fee: $200

Additional tutoring hours and electives can be purchased a la carte at the pricing listed in the chart below.

Part Time Tuition

Stanza International Academy offers students the ability to enroll to take one or more classes on a part time basis. Part time students have the same flexibility and support from our teachers. For questions, please call our Admissions team at (833) 782-6922 or click here to apply

OptionSemesterFull Year
AP Course w/tutoring*$1,400$2,200
Core Course w/tutoring*$1,150$1,600
AP Course$1,000$1,600
Core Course$750$1,000
PE and Health$450$600
High Stakes Test Prep (ACT, SAT, AP)$750
Skills Development** (Grades 3 - 8)$750
Tutoring - 1 hour$75 per hour
Tutoring - 4 hours$250
Registration Fee (nonrefundable)$50$50
*8 Hours of tutoring per semester
**Available for Math or English
Courses taken with our partners (2Sigma School, GetLit, Imagine Etiquette, Language Bird, Ratio 21, TEAM Inc) may occur additional costs.