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Tech Exposure & Access Through Mentoring

Introduction to Data Analytics in Sports builds workforce skills using data analytics to provide constructive guidance in sports decision making. Program participants work in the framework of STEM, with a specific focus on data collection, basic coding, visual design, and video tagging. Students benefit from guest speakers and mentor matching with industry professionals, which builds a bridge from the classroom to the real world.




Why TEAM courses?

  • Led by graduates and experts from top sports teams
  • Learn from hands-on, project-based doing
  • Collaborate with and learn from highly-driven peers
  • Access to professional networks
  • Impress colleges with a truly unique experience
  • Earn high school credits, CA A-G and NCAA approved courses
  • Students will receive a transcript from Stanza International Academy.
  • Flexible start dates
  • For more information and to signup, visit

Meet Our Partner: TEAM

TEAM empowers students using their passion for sports to build new STEM skills and expand opportunities for their futures.

TEAM is about maximizing the love of the game to unlock youth potential. Focused on exposing youth and young adults to the opportunities at the intersection of sports and technology.

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