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All Stanza students take the MindPrint assessment when enrolling. MindPrint Learning assessments provide valuable insights into your child's unique strengths and learning needs. By leveraging these assessments, parents, students and teachers can better understand how the student learns best and tailor support accordingly. The research-based strategies recommended by MindPrint Learning empower students to maximize their potential across all academic areas, leading to improved academic performance and increased confidence.

Our Academic Strengths Assessment

Identifies student's cognitive strengths

Lays foundation for personalized academic journeys

“The subjectivity that leads to conflicting opinions on your student’s competencies is why all Stanza International Academy students take the MindPrint cognitive assessment. This online test helps students discover how they learn best and enables us to fully personalize their academic experience while providing research-based strategies aligned to the student’s results.”

– Dr. Christine Kasitz, Head of School

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The assessment takes approximately 1 hour. Upon completion, each student receives a list of top strengths, a thorough personal profile, and a free consultation with a Stanza academic coach. Contact Us to learn more.

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