Russian 3 Course - Stanza Academy

Stanza Academy

Russian 3 Course

For this level students are required to have some background knowledge of Russian. The program improves students’ knowledge of Russian phonetics, morphology, and syntax. Students will improve their ability to read original texts and strengthen the writing and speaking skills needed for everyday communication. At this level students will further develop their communicative skills in Russian along with continuing to explore Russian topics.

At this point students will acquire more knowledge while talking about holidays and festivals, offering holiday congratulations and greeting, describing food and different ways of cooking, talking about recipes and ordering food in restaurants, reading store ads, describing the city where he/she lives, and discussing clothes. The student will know how to use adjectives and adverbs in sentences and express what he/she likes and dislikes. Students will master the use of motion verbs идти / ходить / ездить / ехать, understand the use of dative and instrumental case, and know how to make complex sentences.