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Portuguese 5 Course

The main goal of this course is for students to become familiar with colloquialisms in the Lusophone world with chronicle style and metaphors, notice the use of the different meanings and phonemes, and acquire advanced vocabulary by reading and interpreting the meaning of short stories, poems, and songs. The instructors will foster and support students’ growing ability to identify practices, traditions, colloquial language, metaphors, and cultural aspects and perspectives of Portuguese-speaking countries. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of different forms of past tenses, the future preterit, regência verbal (verbs that require complements), active and passive voices, reflexive verbs, colloquial language, the second person você (Brazilian Portuguese) and the second person tu (European Portuguese).

The central themes of the course are folklore, Indigenous and African mythologies, Lusophone world traditions and new generations, job applications and job interviews. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to express themselves colloquially, make critical analyses, prepare a professional introduction letter, and participate in a job interview.