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What makes Stanza Students Successful?

The Learning Model

Stanza is an online private school with a STEAM-focused personalized curriculum that is tailored to each individual student’s talents, needs and goals. Our globally competitive and diverse curriculum is delivered to help students exceed standards for a rigorous, high-quality education.

This personalized learning model is characterized by high-intensity, supportive instruction and one-on-one feedback. Stanza is built by pioneers of an accredited national personalized learning model that has helped tens of thousands of students graduate high school.

Academic Coaching

Each student benefits from one-on-one support by a dedicated academic coach that guides them through their personalized learning plan and college exploration and admissions. Academic coaches act as learning concierges to pair students with resources and supports to help them plan and achieve a top-tier high school education. A cadre of support surrounds each student with teachers and tutors all aligned toward each individual’s learning plan. With constant and frequent communication, parents are clear about their child’s educational progress.


The Academic Coach and Teachers will keep parents or guardians informed of student progress. We encourage parents and guardians to participate in their student’s educations.


One of the advantages of Stanza is the freedom for students to work at their own level no matter their age. Middle-school students who would like to progress faster than is typical in math, for example, have the option of taking courses at the high school or college level.

Stanza International Academy takes online learning to the next level with a proprietary model of personalized, one-on-one learning for grades 6-12. As pioneers of this education model, we know how to provide an exceptional experience for students who have a wide range of abilities, interests and learning styles. Our academic coaches and teachers guide students through flexible, yet structured learning with constant communication and a STEAM-focused curriculum that enhances each student’s strengths.

Stanza International Academy integrates critical and creative thinking with flexibility and discipline into all aspects of the educational program. Stanza International Academy believes every student deserves a personalized educational program designed to meet their needs while building executive functioning skills to prepare the student to be successful after graduation.

EDGE Executive Coaching – PDF

The Edge Foundation helps students succeed at school by training school personnel to provide one-on-one, weekly, 15- to 20-minute coaching to individual students. Stanza staff have received extensive and ongoing training in the EDGE Coaching model and methodology to support students with the development of executive functioning skills.

“Edge coaches help students succeed by helping them develop agency – the ability to successfully act on their own behalf to solve problems and make good decisions in school and in life,” Peterson said.

    Edge coaching increases students’ ability to:

  • Make good decisions
  • Learn skills needed to succeed in school – the ability to plan, prioritize, initiate, stay on task, focus, follow up and adjust to change
  • Realize their many abilities and channel them to achieve
  • Work hard and remember the details needed to finish a project
  • Control impulsiveness and learn how to fit in
  • Gain the right executive function tools to do their best
  • Keep their eye on the prize and understand that a diploma is critical to breaking the poverty cycle
  • Be motivated to come to school every day, earn their diploma and have a plan for college and/or job training


Would you like to learn more about the EDGE Coaching model? Connect with our Admissions team at [email protected] or 833-782-6922.